The way I work...

During the past two years I went through an intense period of expansion of Awareness, where veils were lifted and new versions of reality were exposed. I've always known about energies and healing and spirits but this was on another level. Here we are transcending the boundaries of this physical reality, revealing unlimited versions of the Self. Like "time is a social construct, everything exist parallel at the same time, the soul exists in multiple places simultaneously, our beliefsystems and intentions are creating our reality, as within so without"...and so forth.. '

For some this is greek, for others it is their natural way of viewing existence. In my world, the focus is not on right or wrong, rather it's about respecting the free will and encouraging and supporting the sovereignity of each living being - with the basis of Highest Good of All living beings. This does NOT mean accepting or allowing anyone to do us harm or give our power away. It means we make choices, set boundaries and communicate them with the needed intensity. And we live and we learn and we share our experiences.

These concepts may be foreing to your previous way of thinking, but if you'ld like to expand on them and your perspectives  - that is part of my mission: to help people do just that.. An ACTIVATOR, reminding you of forgotten gifts and potentials, your cosmic versions of Self.

The way I work and teach can be triggering and may stirr things up within you that needs to be looked upon. It is always done with the intention of love and for Your Highest Good. Your reactions to whatever is occuring are always a message to you about you. I want YOU to find YOUR ability to create your reality, to have Trust in your own knowing.

That is my intention. To help free your mind to see that there is so much more to this life than we've been trained to believe. 

I always set the intention that those who feel called and can benefit on their journey to Theír Highest versions of themselves, and to their Highest Purpose in alignment to Source frequency, are those feeling called to connect. So if you're one of them, get ready for some mind bending and life changing experience. 

Would love to be part of Your Journey! 

My story and way of living

From Business to Butterflying to Soul mission...

A masters degree in Business, working as a financial controller, HR-manager, business consultant for years until I felt the calling to go into the area of LIVING life and Loving it.. , Travelling the world, free as a bird, training as a yoga teacher, going to ashrams, exploring the inner AND outer realities... taking care of all aspects of the Self. Deep diving into spiritualtiy -  doing the inner work to heal the wounds, explore the different layers of the mind and body... to live my purpose.. which is to assist and Inspire others to Connect to their Higher Purpose and Inner Guidance, and to experience life from an expanded version of the use of mind..  

Multidimensional living

My daily life is one where I connect to my Higher Guidance and my intuition. I allow anwers to come to me from a multidimensional perspective, tuning to frequencies and vibrations that carry answers needed in each particular situation. Taking it in as momentary wisdom, not holding onto it as ONE TRUTH... That keeps the mind flexible and able to think new thoughts. And that is also one of my missions.. to inspire you to see and experience from expanded perspectives, including that of a neutral point of view. 


In my work I use different tools. I connect to spirit guides, to multidimensional beings, I align to Source frequency, I speak and sing lightlanguage, sound healing, energy transformation, I guide you through inner journeys, ask questions and remind you to look at your life lessions. I use movements from all kinds of sports, yoga, dance to help release stagnant energy. I always work intuitively,, whether it is teaching yoga, giving a lecture or a coaching session. so that wisdom can flow through me and not be limited by the  intellect. When needed I also use massage, which I was introduced to by inner guidance as a teen, seeing with my inner vision the structures and blockages within the body. Later I studied massage to complement with the anatomy. 

So when we work together, I'll be allowing that which is needed for the Highest purpose of the individual to flow through me - in accordance to your free will and the Highest good of all. 



We are so much more than just ONE thing..

We can have multiple interests and passions.. Here´s a gallery of some of the things I love doing...


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