Living is an art

Are you living your true potential, are you following your passion.. your HEART? 

When we do, we get access to more of our souls wisdom and knowledge and we can enjoy living our life with purpose and feeling truly ALIVE. 

What are your dreams? What is your soul longing for? Are you living your highest timeline? What inside you is wanting to be expressed? 

This is my passion - assisting the journey of stepping into our True Potential.

The tools I use are many.. mainly based on intuition, life experience and many hours of training in various occupations and traditions.. A very curious attitude towards existence and with a life journey that has always been about "Why am I here? What is my purpose?" I love the expression "Practice what you teach - teach what you practice. So that is what I have to offer to those who feel called to connect. 

If I can leave you with one message it would be: YOU have YOUR answers. YOU create YOUR life experience. YOU are the one LIVING your life, so make sure to embrace your inner guidance, your Higher Self and be the Master of YOUR own experience. Use your abilities with love and kindness and see what unfolds. 

Sending you much Love


Services & prices..

Available in Stockholm (Slussen) & Norrköping & elsewhere upon request

Discounted prices until Jan 31st 2023


Distance/online/phone - 600 sek/hour (ord price 777 sek/hour) 

In person sessions - 800 sek/hour (ord price 1 111 sek/hour)  


60min massage and 30 min talking - 90 min 1 200 sek (ord price 2 222 sek)



We go through  the physical body and work with any blockages or limitations through pyhysical movements. Excercises are given to enhance the flow of energy and the health of the body. 

800 sek/hour (ord price 1 111 sek/hour)


In planning.

Welcome to contact me for requests and co-creative work.


Assisting on Your Life Journey into Your True Potential & Essense

- You are already that which You seek -

Soul conversations - Channeled coaching

Sound healing - Light language

Movement therapy & massage

Activations of creativity & flow of Life force

Transmission - transformation - integration

... and that which is in alignment to your current situation...

In Service of the Highest Good

Soul conversations & Healing

Coaching & healing sessions to assist in the process of You connecting to YOU. 

1-1 in person or online, groups and seminars also available.

Massage, Yoga & Movement

Focusing on the physical body to bring awareness into the present moment. Learning to balance the mind and the body for the full on life experience...

Health on all layers. 

Retreats, Seminars  & Workshops

Inspirational gatherings to make the most of this experience on earth, raising the vibration of the individual as well as for the collective.


 CO-CREATION of our best world...

Paulina Dunker

"I sometimes feel I have lived multiple lives in this lifetime.. I've been a business controller, a HR manager, dancer, icehockey player, renovater, builder, world traveler, yoga teacher, life coach, business consultant and so much more.. I've been through really low downs and very high ups, personal crisises on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.. And NOW I realize the use of these experiences.  I came out of them - not only Alive, but on top. I've taken the experiences and transformed them into blessings so that I can share the wisdom and insights.

I work  - and LIVE - intuitively, connected to my Higher Self, an expanded perspective that is beyond the mere physical realm, which we all have access to, but many of us have forgotten. I'm here to remind us of who and what we truly are. Full of potential. The creators of our experience, full of life and as eternal souls.  My intention is to connect on a soul level, so that we can reconnect to all of that which is hidden at the moment. In my own experience I've noticed how we can be blind to our own potential and blockages - and by asking for and allowing help in to mirror my short comings and my potentials I've moved beyond my wildest imagination. And that is the process I would like to assist and inspire others in. 

If you resonate with this vibration - welcome to connect....

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