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SOUL CONVERSATIONS / Coaching sessions 

Online session -  777 sek/hour

In person session:  Not available at this moment. Connect to receive message when bookings are opening up.  


Using sound, lightlanguage and energy transformation according to your Highest purpose to activate Your Potential

Online session 777 sek/hour 

In person session:  Not available at this moment. Connect to receive message when bookings are opening up.


90 min session. The physical massage is around 1 hour.  Channeled information is discussed . 2222 sek 

INTERESTED IN ARRANGING an event with me? Workshops, lectures, seminars and more available on request. 

Assisting your Journey of Expansion 

Yoga & Movement

When I teach I do it intuitively. That means I follow whatever guidance is coming through. May it be movements, words, sounds or any expression... We cannot fully know how things may unfold, but when we trust that everything is always working out for the best, we can relax and enjoy the journey. It becomes quite adventurous to be alive when we do. Sometimes this may trigger things within you, emotions may come up.. then that is something we can look at, ask what lessons and insights are there for us, so that we can release the patterns of behaviours and reactions that are no longer serving us.. My yoga teacher training is within several traditions, ranging from Therapeutical yoga, Traditional yoga, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Restorative, Explorative, Mantra and more. In my classes my intention is to hold space for you to express and connect with YOU. That means you are encouraged to follow your own flow. I'll suggest certain movements and excercises, but it is up to you to follow your own guidance what feels right. If that means you lie down a whole class although everyone else are moving through postures - then so be it. Yoga for me means Union - You becoming One with Yourself, and Unity Conciousness.  

So welcome to dive deep into your multidimensional Self - or just come because you feel called to. Happy to answer any questions you might have. 

Personal sessions where we go through your personal needs are available to book. 

Soul Conversations / Coaching 

What is your soul longing for? What is your potential? What is blocking you? We connect soul to soul to assist in Your process of expansion. I'll be using many layers of tools in the process, the importance is connection to your Higher Purpose and following the guidance coming through as per requested by your soul. That includes Intuitive guidance, channeling, soundhealing, lightlanguage, guided meditative journeys, physical massage or movements and more... Available in person and through zoom/phone. Currently taking on new clients so welcome to book a session. 

Available 1 - 1, Group sessions, Seminars & Workshops 

Workshops & Seminars

My passions and areas of interest are many.. . One I love communicating around is multidimensional aspects of reality. The thought that everything exist parallel at the same time, connection to our Higher Self, Intuitive guidance, Divine assistance... In all that I do I use intuitive guidance, that means a knowing that is not in the mere physical realm but also connected to an expanded awareness that can give alternate versions and explanations of reality. Mind bending and expansion. One of my missions here is to be an activator.. bringing forth that which is hidden, both blockages and potentials.. 

Do you have a particular subject in mind? Get in touch and we can see how and if I can be of assistance. 

Soundhealing & Treatments

Sound healing is channeled through me, with sounds and lightlanguage. The vibrations of the sounds carry messages on a soul level, sometimes not understood by the intellect but transforms on a deeper level. Intuitive massage and energy transformation are also available, where I tune into the body and see what blockages need to be released and what areas are in need to express themselves. .


Planning for retreats in spring and summertime. Going within, deep diving with like minded souls.. Hosting Urban retreats as well as off grid ones.. If you would like to arrange something together with me, please send your request. Would be happy to hear from you!

Welcome to send in your Interest so you will be informed when the next retreat is planned.  


Life for me is about enjoying the richness it has to offer.. not being limited to any one thing or any one personality.. I love doing many different things.. My wish is to inspire you to Your Own Greatness and True Potential by following YOUR dreams and passions.