Making living into an art form.

Living is an art - is the name of my company as well as a guideline for this Earth bound life.

Learning that every experience is a contribution to Growth, Expansion and Exploration of Life.

My background is ranging from working as a Human Resource Manager for quite a large company with 400 employees, to Business controller from private and government sector, to Organizational consultant to Yoga teacher, Life coach, Healer and overall "multi-tasker".

I discovered my psychic abilities already in my teens and have been using them in service of the Highest Good ever since.

My perspectives are multidimensional, beyond space and time, which may seem controversial, but it turns out that once we start talking it usually resonates. Memories of Your own abilities and life journey are usually activated and coming online again.

It's a journey of reconnecting to who we are, beyond the programs of society, remembering the many opportunities we have to tune into more of our potential.

My wish and desire involves being of service to the many to awaken the qualities of life that makes this Earth into a more Heavenly place to experience.

The services I offer are 1-1 coaching, group coachings, workshops, retreats, lectures, events, trainings & courses.

My area of focus is bringing more Joy, Health, Abundance, Love & Happiness into life using a spiritual approach to the physical, emotional and mental layer of existence.

If this resonates, feel free to connect! 

Much love & many blessings


This page is currently being updated. Upcoming events, retreats & workshops coming soon. 

Cosmic Activator, Quantum Healer & Life Coach

Are you living your true potential, are you following your passion.. your HEART? 

When we do, we get access to more of our souls wisdom and knowledge and we can enjoy living our life with purpose and feeling truly ALIVE. 

What are your dreams? What is your soul longing for? Are you living your highest timeline? What inside you is wanting to be expressed? 

This is my passion - assisting the journey of stepping into our True Potential.

Activation Session

I tune into Your field of vibration and information, bringing forth different perspectives to help shed light upon Your current situation.

We work with unveiling that which is blocking and using different tools to assist in the unblocking.

This may include parallel lives, ancestral karma, behavioral patterns, DNA lineage and more.

These are mere reflections, mirroring what is ongoing in your current situation and you take what resonates and leave the rest.

We also work with activating Your current and dormant potentials, in alignment to your highest path of excitement & soul purpose.

In this work I use different tools such as light language, Akashic records, symbols, healing, energy transmissions, massage, physical movement etc.

My intention is that any and all sessions are in alignment to Highest Good of All living beings as well as Your Soul Path & Purpose.

When You feel called to book a session, there is usually something within awaiting to be unleashed.

The sessions are online via Zoom and also available  in-person.

Welcome to connect!


Assisting on Your Life Journey into Your True Potential & Essense

- You are already that which You seek -

Soul conversations - Life coaching

Sound healing - Light language

Movement therapy & healing

Activations of creativity & flow of Life force

Transmission - transformation - integration

... and that which is in alignment to your current situation...

Ready for Activation?


Welcome to contact me with any and all questions. .